Girl, Don’t Nobody Read This Sh!t!

You’re, absolutely right and somehow you’re here. :)
I’m Daija better known as Daij or VEGA. I can be a little sarcastic, but it’s no harm intended. I’m goofy cause it’s only one life to live, but I’m ‘bout I’m business so don’t you ever get it f’d up. 

My B.B.A in Marketing and Management, from the University of West Georgia prepared me to pursue a career as a Flight Attendant. I left aviation to hop in my marketing bag, where I became the Project Manager at an email marketing company. This allowed me to work with some of your favorite lifestyle brands. 


Aiming to be YOUR favorite one stop shop for accessories. If ya reading this & will continue to read it, you can find blogs (like the one you’re reading now). I’ll be sharing:
  • style tips
  • my personal opinion’s (MPO’s)
  • links to helpful resources
  • + other cool stuff

if you have suggestions, critiques or concerns, email us at mailto: 

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