"Sow Your Seeds. Water 'Em. Nourish Em. & Repeat"  


What is Culture Vulture Accessories?

Culture Vulture Accessories (CVXS for short) an Atlanta Accessories Boutique, aiming to be your one-stop shop for all things accessories. With every new drop there will be more pieces to choose from. The goal of Culture Vulture is not to just sell items, but for the CULTVULT to be proud to wear their pieces, from a black-owned accessory brand.


Why support Culture Vulture?

Culture Vulture is an effort to 'Buy back the block', from a digital perspective. Yes, there are numerous accessory shops, but the secret is in the marketing. 

The black culture gets minimal to NO credit for the styles we invent, and if we do, we get our roses when it’s too late. Why not be a Vulture for our own culture and keep the dollar in the black community a little longer?


 Where is Culture Vulture?

Atlanta, GA


When was Culture Vulture created?

Culture Vulture originated in 2016, a year before Daija graduated from UWG. Previously known as Melanin Tees, Culture Vulture will now be expanding the product line to all things ACCESSORIES!


 Who is behind Culture Vulture?

@DaijVega (on all socials)

Support the Culture, by becoming a Vulture.


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